Moy Valley Resources IRD welcomes confirmation of €3.2m funding for a digital hub for Ballina under Urban Regeneration and Development Fund 2018

Ballina Military Barracks digital hub for Ballina

Moy Valley Resources IRD welcomes the confirmation tpday of €3.2m in government funding for a digital hub for Ballina, allocated under the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund 2018.  The funding will be allocated towards the transformation of Ballina’s 18th century military barracks into Ballina Innovation Quarter, facilitating the creation of 210 jobs within three years

As a key part of Project Ireland 2040 – the Government’s National Planning Framework and National Development Plan – the fund will help to rejuvenate significant but underused areas in Ireland’s five cities and large towns, including Ballina and Castlebar. The aim of the URDF is to stimulate new residential and commercial development, which will be supported by new services and amenities and will aim to achieve the ‘compact growth’ that was set out in Project Ireland 2040.

In Ballina, the redevelopment of the Military Barracks, built in 1742, into a digital hub and innovation quarter will act as a catalyst for urban regeneration of the town and its surroundings. The facility will be transformed into a place of vibrancy, energy and entrepreneurialism, culminating in the creation of a high-quality addition to the regional enterprise infrastructure.

Ballina Innovation Quarter will play a transformational role in positioning the town as an attractive location for investment, whilst providing local start-ups with an ecosystem and a platform from which they can grow and sustain their entrepreneurial endeavours. The digital hub will provide 20 spaces for technology, digital media and internet companies to scale and grow alongside local enterprises and a distillery which will be established by an international private investor which will create jobs in the production of high-end rum.

Welcoming the announcement today, John Magee, Mayo County Council’s Head of Enterprise said:                                                                                                                     

The project is a unique collaboration between Mayo County Council, a private investor, Moy Valley Resources IRD and the Blackstone Launchpad at NUIG. Not only does the project address issues around urban decay and public realm improvements, but it also provides an important addition to the enterprise infrastructure in the region, thus becoming a genuine catalyst for urban transformation. When delivered, the Ballina Innovation Quarter will significantly increase the attractiveness of Ballina and North Mayo from an economic perspective and will unlock significant enterprise and entrepreneurial activity”.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Billy Lewis CEO of Moy Valley Resources IRD stated: “Moy Valley Resources IRD is delighted to be part of the Urban Regeneration of the Military Barracks, led by Mayo County Council in Ballina.  The project will provide, as part of the development, an Innovation and Technology hub, which will be managed by Moy Valley Resources IRD, and will have a significant impact on the economic development of the town.  thisdigital hub for Ballina will liberate the potential of the fibre-cable infrastructure of the town.  This is a true partnership project and we are grateful for all the support we have received in the town to date. We are looking forward to seeing the benefits of the development for the North Mayo region.”

 What will the Ballina Innovation Quarter bring to Ballina?

  • It will help to address population loss, and significant levels of social and economic disadvantage
  • It will bring into use an historic building in the centre of the town
  • It will raise the attractiveness of the town as a location for enterprise
  • It will establish a Third Level University outreach and delivery in the region.

The digital hub for Ballina will deliver an important addition to the enterprise infrastructure of the region, is fully match funded and has significant capacity to leverage further private sector investment.

The Digital Hub for Ballina element of the project will host up to 20 start-ups, each of which will bring human capital and resources investment to the building, while an international private partner has committed funding towards project development. Meeting demand for a tailored manufacturing facility and for high quality cutting-edge workspace, the project will facilitate the creation of 210 jobs within 3 years.

The Urban Regeneration and Development Fund 2018 also announced funding for two Mayo County Council projects in Castlebar with €980K allocated to the development of the Castlebar Urban Greenway Link and resources for Castlebar Military Barracks, details of which will be confirmed in the coming days

Photo: The Military Barracks in Ballina, by King Klix Photography via

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