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What is LEADER?

LEADER is an integral part of the EU funding framework administered through the national Rural Development Programme (RDP) of each EU Member State, supporting the delivery of local development actions in rural communities. This page is designed to give some information on LEADER in Mayo over the course of the LEADER TRANSITIONAL PROGRAMME 2021-2023.

It is a community-led Local Development (CLLD) approach, where rural communities develop responses to key economic, environmental and social challenges identified in their areas. Since its launch in 1991, LEADER has supported the delivery of local development actions in rural communities and has formed an integral part of the EU funding framework, through the national Rural Development Programme (RDP), of each EU Member State.

The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG) is responsible for the delivery of LEADER in Ireland.

The LEADER approach is based on a distinct methodology and includes the following seven features or specificities:

  1. Moy Valley over 55s LEADER in MayoArea-based Local Development Strategies
  2. Bottom up approach (community-driven)
  3. Public-private partnerships
  4. Innovation
  5. Integrated and multi-sectoral actions
  6. Networking
  7. Co-operation

What funding is available?

On March 12th 2021, The Department of Community and Rural Affairs announced that € 70 million (an additional €50 million in EU funding) will be allocated to the LEADER Transitional Programme Budget (2021-2023). This was welcomed news, and in their communication the Department of Community and Rural Affairs emphasized that “LEADER is an important element of Ireland’s EU co-funded Rural Development Programme, which forms part of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).”  

The Transitional LEADER Programme came into effect on 1st April 2021 and will bridge the gap between the 2014-2020 LEADER Programme and the start of the next EU programme in 2023.

A key focal point of the Transitional LEADER Programme will be on building capacity within communities which have not received LEADER funding to date.

The Transitional LEADER Programme will support projects in the areas of:

  • Job creation and Entrepreneurship
  • Climate Action/Environmental.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Building on existing strengths and assets of rural communities.

The Transitional LEADER Programme will increase in the maximum rate of aid for enterprises and commercial projects from 50% to 75%

Moy Valley Resources IRD are LEADER Animating Partners throughout the area marked in the map below.

Moy Valley Resources LEADER

Moy Valley Resources IRD and LEADER in Mayo

Moy Valley Resources  believes in a “bottom-up” approach to community and economic development, based on principles of empowerment, inclusiveness, collaboration, and transparency. Under the new LEADER programme, we want to:

  • Empower communities to build & safeguard their futures – Our role in LEADER should be not to dictate what communities should do, but rather to support, enable and empower them to make decisions and deliver solutions for themselves.
  • Promote Collaboration: Working together for the greater good achieves more. We aim to promote and facilitate collaboration in communities between groups and individuals to maximise resources, avoid duplication and develop effective, efficient solutions.
  • Be transparent: We believe in openness and two-way communication. Our doors are always open, and we will keep you informed on our progress throughout.
  • Make North Mayo a place people can stay & make a living
  • Make our beautiful region a better place for us all to live
  • Attract new people and enterprise

LEADER should not be just a funding mechanism. Money, in itself is not the solution. Rather, LEADER in Mayo should empower communities to work together, combining their energy, ambition and expertise to drive their futures. LEADER can also provide a stepping stone to further development and other income streams.  Together, we can work to safeguard and build a brighter future for our communities.

We want a fair and representative say in our future, and investment that ensures that communities in North Mayo can work together to recover and grow in co-operation and collaboration with Co. Mayo as a whole. We want to work to serve the communities of North Mayo, with you and on your behalf.

 Contact the Moy Valley Resources LEADER Team

For more information on LEADER, contact us on 096 70905 or email one of the team:

Name Position Contact
Annette Maughan  CEO, Moy Valley Resources amaughan@moyvalley.ie
Corina Deehan  LEADER Community Development Officer leader2@moyvalley.ie
 Kim Merrifield  LEADER Community Development Officer leader@moyvalley.ie