Our Board

Moy Valley Resources IRD Board Membership 2023

Moy Valley Resources IRD is a partnership company with a Board of Directors who oversees the running of the company. The board incorporates representatives from communities across the region as well as from the business sector, local authorities, local government and semi-state agencies.


The AGM Meeting for 2022 was held on Thursday 1st June 2023 and the Annual Report 2022 was distributed at the meeting.

Our Annual Report 2022 can be read here


Some of the Board members who attended the AGM meeting on the day are:

Back row (L to R): Kevin Loftus, David Dwane, Terry Reilly, Eugene Rochford, Johnny O’Malley

Front row (L to R): Sean Tempany, Susan Murphy, Denis Michael, Eileen Diamond, Ernie Caffrey



Current Moy Valley Resources IRD Board Members

  • David Dwane (Chairman) 
  • Ernie Caffrey
  • Joe Cosgrove
  • Denis Michael
  • Eileen Diamond
  • Patricia Fox
  • William P. Lewis
  • Kevin Loftus
  • Marc Loftus
  • Annette Maughan (Chief Executive Officer) Moy Valley Resources IRD
  • John Munnelly
  • Susan Murphy
  • Terry Reilly
  • Eugene Rochford
  • Sean Tempany

It is a non-profit making company with charitable status. An executive management team is responsible for the day to day running of the company.

Our Core Values:

Empowerment, Participation, Partnership, Self-help, Equality, Inclusion, Pride of Place