N26 Traffic Survey (2021)

Transport Insights has been commissioned to prepare a Transport Technical Note (TTN) on behalf of Moy Valley Resources IRD. The TTN sets out the traffic characteristics of the national strategic road network of the Moy Valley region, in particular the N26 national primary road between Swinford, Foxford and Ballina.

Moy Valley Resources IRD (hereafter known as MVR) is a not for profit registered charity
established in 1990. The charity aims to facilitate the economic and social development of the
Moy Valley region of north Mayo. MVR recognises the importance of good and well-connected
transport infrastructure, such as the strategic primary road network, in supporting the economic
and social development of the region. MVR believes it is vital that the existing network is
maintained to the highest standards and that future improvements/ upgrades to the network are
planned and delivered in the coming years.

Read the results of the report here.